Minibuses driver training - now

Here at FS  we offer mini bus training in conjunction with MIDAS.
If you wish to drive a vehicle carrying over eight passengers, you must have Category D1 on your driver's licence. However, if you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you already have this entitlement, but not for hire or reward.

What we offer...

Highfield Mini Bus offers full training by a qualified instructor. The course is usually 20 hours long, and this has been found to be sufficient for most driver's success in gaining D1 entitlement.
A Ford Transit is used which complies to full PSV specification and DSA minimum Test Vehicle Standards. Most drivers feel at home very quickly in the reliable Transit.

The Steps Involved...

1. Provisional Licence: You must complete form D2 from the DVLA site and then book a PCV medical examination with a doctor who will complete form D4. You should then send both parts of your Cat B (car) licence, forms D2 and D4 to the DVLA in Swansea.
2. Booking the Theory Test: When you have received your PCV provisional driving licence from the DVLA, you can book your Driver CPC Module 1 theory test. The test can be booked on the DSA site, or by calling 0300 200 1122.
3. Driver CPC Module 1: The test is divided into two parts, multiple choice(100 questions - £35) and hazard perception (19 interactive clips - £15). We have  some suggested books to help you study for the theory test.
4. Driver CPC Module 2: If you want to become a professional driver and drive for a living, you need to pass a Driver CPC Case Study Test (£30) which is a computer based assessment. There are seven case study tests, each having between six and eight questions which are based on situations you may encounter in working life. Once again this can be booked on the DSA site.
5. Driver CPC Module 3 (Practical Training and Test): Here at FS we train you on rural and urban roads with all procedures that you will be asked to execute on the test to ensure you have the best training. The test is undertaken on the last day of training when drivers are confident that they can do the best that they can.
6. Driver CPC Module 4 (Practical Demonstration Test): If you need to obtain the full Driver CPC qualification, you will be required to complete a Driver CPC Module 4 Practical Demonstration Test (£55). The test takes place at the test centre, and you will be tested on the following areas:
  • Prepare for your duties in a safe manner
  • Check that your vehicle is fit for service
  • Inspect and use equipment in alignment with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Display measures used to ensure that no illegal immigrants or goods are carried

Mini Bus and Trailer (Cat D1+E)

If you wish to tow a trailer 750kg or more in weight, then you need to take the Cat D1+E test. You do not have to apply for provisional entitlement as the Cat D1+E provisional entitlement is on your paper counterpart after passing the Mini Bus test. This training is offered at FS by our dedicated instructor.


If you would like mini bus training to further your professional development, don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or by our Contact us page.